DM – A 13-year-old girl caught using a butter knife to cut a piece of fruit in her middle school cafeteria has been suspended according to her outraged mother who says the punishment goes too far. Morgan LaPlaume of Wamsutta Middle School in Attleboro, Massachusetts says the braces on her teeth prevent her from biting through whole fruit so she brought in the round-tipped knife for help. She said she never imagined it would lead to the vice principal escorting her to his office and a one-day suspension. ‘As we were walking to his office I asked him and he said we you are not allowed to have knives in school and I said, “I was using it to cut my pear, I wasn’t using to it harm any other student” and he said “I know but it’s the policy,”‘ Morgan told FOX25. ‘It’s a butter knife. She has braces. She was cutting her pear. There is no intent at all there,’ added her mother, Melissa LaPlaume. But according to the school’s student handbook, signed at the beginning of the year by all parents and guardians, they have a zero-tolerance policy on knives. ‘I understand the policy but I think that every child needs to be looked at individually,’ Mrs LaPlaume said. ‘And every case is different. Not every child is the same. In Morgan’s case I believe she should have just been given a verbal warning,’ she said.


So by Wamsutta Middle School’s logic, kids shouldn’t be allowed to bring forks to school either right? Or rulers? Or keys? Or pens or pencils? Or anything with a dull pointy edge that isn’t dangerous at all? Well I guess it’s whatever it says in the school policy. Because even super smart administrators are not above the policy. Better to just have a knee-jerk reaction and strictly adhere to the policy than use common sense and ask questions I guess. Seems like an intelligent move. I mean she did carve the shit out of that fruit. I heard that harming fruit is an early indicator of violence later in life. So I can see how a vice principal might get worried when he saw a girl brutally massacring a pear.

I’m seriously so glad I don’t go to school these days. Seems like a real piss poor place to spend your time.