First grader creates anti-bullying book:

Well thank god this kid has never been bullied. (wink, wink)   That’s a relief.  He just happens to be an expert on bullying even though it’s never happened to him.   Whatever you say Borias.   Whatever you say.   But hey who am I to call him a liar?  Maybe he’s telling the truth?   Because I think there may something wrong with this bro? I’m not even trying to be a jerk here.  Like is he touched a little bit?   I think he is.  That’s probably why nobody makes fun of him.  Everybody gives him a free pass just like I did because nobody wans to be “that guy” who makes fun of an 8 year old retarded kid.    In fact that should be a chapter in his book.  How do you avoid getting bullied?  Act like you got Downs.  Boom done.   Chapter 2:   Don’t name your kid Borias.