Probably Gronk’s most boring spike of the year.   Just vanilla ice cream.    He’s almost a victim of his own success now.  I mean that was still a power bomb.  He still tried to smash a hole to China with it, but we need more now.  He’s set the bar so high that just a standard spike won’t cut it anymore.   The good news is I feel like every time Gronk’s had a bad spike week he always bounces back with something we’ve never seen before.   He takes bad scores personal.

Rating – 5.0


Added Bonus – Since it was a slow spike week I figured I should spice it up by rating Belichick’s challenge flag throw….



Honestly when this happened for a second I was confused whether this was Bill Belichick or Vlad Guerrero.    Just an absolute hose.   Crow hop….missile…


Rating – Perfect 10