PatriotledgerAn Abington man is being charged with creating bombs at his former address in Abington after police had been told the man was blowing up snow banks to avoid shoveling the snow. Leo J. Powers, 23 is being charged with threats to commit a crime and possession of incendiary devices. According to Majenski, police were told Powers had devised a way to use the materials to blow up snow banks instead of shoveling the snow and had been doing it for some time.

What the fuck?  Since when is it illegal to blow up snow banks? This just sounds like good old fashioned American ingenuity if you ask me.    Like something the Japanese would invent or something.  But even if you say it’s illegal do you really have to arrest the guy?   Just tell him to stop doing it and shovel like everybody else.    Such a joke.   If anybody should be getting arrested here it should be his tattle tale neighbors.    Maybe if you weren’t such a prick about it he’d blow up your snowbanks too and it would be a win win for everbody.