Maybe we shouldn’t even bother showing up tonight huh?  Looks like ESPN already has us penciled in to get demolished.   Seriously let’s hope this was just a mistake by ESPN and not an indication that the Angel of Stern has already put the fix in.   Hey they did it in Game 1 so what’s to stop them in Game 2?

But let’s assume for the sake of discussion that tonight is not rigged again by the League.    I love all these people doubting us.   I love all the experts writing us off after one game.    Tonight will be a different story.  Tonight the Celtics play for keeps.    I’m talking coming out with their hair on fire.     The Heat don’t scare me.   Bron Bron doesn’t scare me. Wade doesn’t scare me.    As long as it’s a fair fight tonight this thing comes back to Boston 1-1.  I guarantee it.