Listen I love “How to catch a predator” and all that shit as much as the next guy, but even I thought this was excessive humiliation. I mean playing Van Halen in the background when these guys walk in?  Really?  Van Halen?   That’s as low as it gets.  Where is the humanity? You won. You tricked them into picking up their fake Iron Bowl tickets. Now they are going to jail. So I’m just not sure it’s necessary to do the Ickey Shuffle in their face while you’re at it.  A simple Roll Tide or War Eagle and uniforms would have sufficed.  Seriously I was waiting for Nick Saban to pop out and put the cuffs on these guys the way this was going.   Either way the music is an automatic 15 yard taunting penalty.

PS – How awkward was that hand shake with the lady and the cop at the 2:50 mark. Awkward handshake city.