TexasA high school basketball team with mostly white players has been accused of racism for chanting ‘USA! USA!’ after winning against a rival school. The players from Alamo Heights in San Antonio, Texas yelled the phrase after beating a team from Edison high school made up of minority players. The winning team’s coach immediately stopped the teenagers chanting the phrase – and now the local school district has been forced to apologize…Spokeswoman Leslie Price branded the incident ‘very disrespectful to our students’, KSAT.com reported. ‘It is surprising and it’s disappointing to hear that anyone would be out there making those kind of remarks,’ she said. The district’s athletic director Gil Garza, who filed a complaint with the interscholastic league, added: ‘I appreciate Coach Brewer taking the action he took to stop it. ‘To be attacked about your ethnicity and being made to feel that you don’t belong in this country is terrible. ‘Why can’t people just applaud our kids? It just gets old and I’m sick of it.”

It’s shocking to think that in 2012 we still be hearing this kind of vile, racist hate speech in the public discourse.  Imagine high school kids chanting bigoted things right out in public like… Wait a second.  “U-S-A”?  That’s what they chanted?  “U-S-A” is racist?  That’s hate speech now?  Am I missing something?  How is “USA” anti… well anti-anything?  Because the visiting team had a lot of minorities on it?  I mean, they’re Americans, right?  They go to an US high school, so I think it’s safe to say they’re not from Burkina Faso or someplace.  Are Leslie Price, Coach Brewer, and Gil Garza saying they’re minorities because they’re mostly Hispanic?  Because while I’ve never been to San Antonio, I can read a demographic map.  And the only way the kids on Edison are “minorities” in that part of the country is if they’re all named Thornton or Sullivan.  I suppose you could argue “U-S-A” would be anti-visiting team if they were some exchange team from Europe or something.   But compared to what those countries yell at each other during soccer friendlies, “U-S-A” is the equivalent of reading them a Shakespearean sonnet.  And I’d like to remind Price, Brewer and Garza that the Edison kids are FUCKING AMERICANS.  No less than you, me or the kids on the Alamo Heights team.  And that this is like getting worked up because a bunch of Maple Leafs fans sang “O! Canada” to a bunch of Canadiens fans.  It’s the same country.

You know what this proves?  That educators in this country haven’t the first goddamned clue what’s going on in the outside world.  They live in a little plastic bubble protected from real life breathing an atmosphere of pure sensitivity instead of real air.  They have no idea that the “U-S-A” chant is something everybody does.  It started with the Miracle on Ice team and now it’s something we all do half-joking.  Hell, I can’t throw a paper towel into a wastebasket without doing it.  But these academic hot house flowers are so insulated from everyday life they think the Alamo Heights kids are all hate-filled Nazis out to commit genocide.  So you know what?  If “U-S-A” is racist then fuck it.  Everything is racist.  Everything is offensive.  Which means nothing is. So feel free to chant and wave flags and be patriotic.  And know that the more clueless, dumbass school administrators you offend, the better off your country is.  Time to Go America All Over Everybody’s Ass…