Foxnews - The principal of a Connecticut high school is defending her decision to end the longtime tradition of allowing students to vote for a prom king and queen over fears that the winners might be bullied. But students at Kaynor Tech High School in Waterbury, Conn. have accused Principal Lisa Hylwa of bowing to political correctness. In the past, the prom court was selected by a student vote. But Hylwa said she wanted to keep drama out of the prom and stop bullying. Instead, students who attended prom were invited to put their names in a box and the court was selected randomly. The principal said that all the students deserve an opportunity to participate as prom king and queen. “This method gives everyone the same opportunity o be a member of the prom court and it supports the positive spirit of our school, period,” Hylwa wrote in a terse email to Fox News Radio. “ She said the traditional method of voting for prom king and king was “beyond obsolete.”“There was no option for the student or students who did the most for the class to win or a ‘noble’ reason such as a child who was terminally ill winning the prize,” she wrote. “I have no more time to waste on this ‘non story’,” she wrote. “I have a serious job to do.”

Hey I have an idea. Let’s just do a random draw to decide who gets into the best colleges. Who gets to play QB on the high school football team. Who gets the best jobs. Who gets to fuck the hottest bitches. Who makes the most money. Who gets to be pro athletes. None of this earning it by being smarter, better or more popular than everybody else. Nope. Let’s just put everybody’s name in a hat and draw for it. This way nobody gets their feelings hurt and everybody has an equal chance to do whatever they want to do and we can all hold hands and sing Kumbaya with the nutbags at Occupy Boston. And if you don’t like it you can go fuck yourself because school administrators know better than everybody else and they say that there should be no completion in life and nobody can be told they are better or more popular than anybody else or else the world will just explode even thought that’s exactly how the real world operates.