– Pete Birmingham, who led the Class B Marcellus High School Mustangs to sectional and state regional baseball championships last season, said he was forced to resign after a disagreement with Marcellus athletics director Brad Dates. “I was forced out. Resign or be fired, I was told,” said Birmingham, who was the coach at Marcellus for nine years. His teams compiled a 51-20 record over the last three seasons, and the current team is 1-3. According to Birmingham, the flap with the AD started because Birmingham elevated freshmen from the junior varsity and was playing them ahead of juniors and seniors, which upset the parents of the upperclassmen. One parent who still has a son on the team said it was embarrassing for upperclassmen to sit on the bench while freshmen were in the starting lineup. That parent asked not to be identified, fearing retribution for the son. “The athletics director told me two different times that we weren’t going to be very good this year anyway, so why not put the freshmen back on the JV team and play the upperclassmen, which would stop the phone calls from disgruntled parents,” Birmingham said.

This sums it up doesn’t it? The pussification of America at it’s finest. Like since when did High School baseball become Little League? Now everybody has to play and hold hands and sing kumbaya? What’s next? Everybody gets to make varsity and get one at bat and play 2 innings in the field? Why even bother to keep score anymore? Hey here is the deal. If a Freshman is better than a senior the Freshman plays. It’s that simple. That’s just how it works. If you ain’t good enough you ain’t good enough. The world needs ditchdiggers too.  Seriously what are parents going to do when their kids enter the real world? Call and complain that somebody younger got a job or promoted over them even though they are better? Give me a break.