Source – An East Pennsylvania high school has outlawed toilet paper from the boys bathrooms – forcing students to check it out of the school’s office as and when they need it. The new rule, intended to cut vandalism at the Mahanoy Area High School, has been criticized by some parents who say students are too embarrassed to publicly ask for tissue. One mother said she had heard of students leaving school claiming to be sick so they could go home and use the toilet there. Principal, Thomas Smith, defended the measure at a school meeting on Thursday saying vandals had ‘destroyed’ toilets over the years blocking them up with toilet paper and sometimes even books. ‘We’ve had serious destruction to our bathrooms for the past two years,’ Mr Smith said, according to the Republican Herald of Potsville. ‘We have a case pending with the police where a bathroom down by our gymnasium was absolutely destroyed.’ I’m sure Mr. (Robert) Pastucha (district facilities director) could tell you the times that our toilets have been jammed with toilet paper and other papers.’  ’And after we took the toilet tissue out of there, people were throwing books. It was our way to try to curb the destruction in the bathrooms.’


There are just some things in this world that cannot be fucked with, and toilet paper in the bathroom is one of them. You don’t take away toilet paper. You just don’t. I don’t care how many times your bathrooms get vandalized. The TP stays, end of story. Isn’t the whole world out to protect kids from bullying these days anyway? Don’t we all have to be sensitive and make sure nobody gets hurt or embarrassed? Well right now there’s no bigger bully in the country then Mahanoy Area High School. Making kids do the walk of shame through the office and declare to everyone within earshot that they have to go take a dump. That’s fucking brutal. Oh and the girls get to keep their TP? How convenient for them. Wouldn’t want to be sexist or anything, now would we?

If I went to this school I’d walk right into the principle’s office and shit on his desk. There you go sir, at least I didn’t mess up your precious bathroom.