ConcordAccounts differ over how a beloved Concord-Carlisle High School coach was dismissed from his post last week and who was responsible for the dismissal. Kinny Earle, who was coach of the CCHS golf and cross-country ski teams, said he was relieved of his duties after being told administrators had received word he drank a beer in front of his golf team. Earle, who coached the Nordic ski team for more than four years, believes the allegations came out now, months after the trip, because a couple members of the golf team were frustrated when they recently learned they weren’t named co-captains for next season. Principal Peter Badalament said “I feel badly there is so much misinformation out there and that I cannot address many of the concerns,” Badalament said. “This is a personnel matter and there are constraints on what I can and can’t say. School officials remained mum about the specifics of the dismissal during a meeting with parents and students on Monday as to why Earle was fired, stating it was a personnel issue that was not public information. On Monday, Earle said in a phone interview the administration had changed the story about his dismissal and that had frustrated student athletes, parents and him. “It’s a little scary for me,” he said. “They are claiming meetings I had with them never took place. They pulled the rug out from under me. It’s a scary position to be in. I’m just a guy who loves coaching kids.” Earle said many coaches at CCHS, including former Nordic ski coach of 10 years, Dusty Johnstone, were confused over his firing because they never knew about a policy at the school that prohibited drinking in front of students. When asked about the policy before the meeting to discuss Earle’s dismissal, Rigby pointed out the dismissal was based on standards of set by the School Committee which Earle did not meet, not alcohol.


First of all the cross country ski team is a real thing?  Like that’s an MIAA sport?  Come on!   No it’s not!  I mean what type of maniac would want to cross country ski in high school?  That’s worse than cross country running.   Whatever.  I’ll suspend belief for the sake of this blog and pretend it’s real.  Obviously this is the same type of Pussification story I’ve written seemingly a thousand times in the past month.  You got parents that are mad that Little Johnny wasn’t named golf captain so they complain to the school and get the coach fired under the guise he drank a beer in front of his kids. Then when the school realizes they can’t fire him for that reason they just say they can’t talk about the real reason he was canned. They refuse to give any explanations for the dismissal and there is nothing anybody can do about it. Just school administrators doing the damn thing per usual. Because as we’ve discussed a million the educational system is the only place in the world where you can fire somebody for no reason, not tell them why they are getting fired and somehow not have to explain yourself and get away with it. God it must be great to be a gangster….