So KFC blogged about this already. Basically Anonymous has decided to take on the West Baptist Church after they started picketing in Newtown. Anonymous’ s first move was to release all the personal information of all the members in the West Baptist Church. Everybody is ranting and raving how great this is and how the West Baptist Church is finally going to get their comeuppance. Listen nobody hates the West Baptist Church more than me, but it’s my understanding that they don’t hide their identities. Like they don’t care if people know who they are. I mean they fucking show up in person at these protests. So unless Anonymous is going to hack their bank accounts and try to ruin their lives that way which I am in favor of just releasing their info doesn’t do much right? I guess what I’m saying is we don’t need hackers here. We need people who will pummel these scumbags. Good old fashioned frontier justice. What we need is the Hell’s Angels or some group like that and for cops just to turn the other cheek. A classic “I didn’t see anything did you see anything” situation. You want to show up in Newtown? Fine. But nobody is going to protect you. See how tough you are then. You can say whatever you want. That’s part of living in America. Just don’t cry to me when you get beaten within an inch of your life. See how much longer they keep showing up at shit like this.

PS – I read in the comment section everybody sayings that physical violence is exactly what the West Baptist Church wants.   They are all lawyers and shit, blah, blah, blah.  I get that.  But if everybody didn’t see anything than who is there to sue?