DM - There’s a time and a place for sex, and latest research suggests for women their desire peaks at 11pm on a Saturday night – the venue TBC. The finding is just of the statistics to emerge from a nationwide study investigating the truth behind female libido.

11 PM?!  What the fuck am I supposed to do with 11 PM!  Pregame doesn’t even start til 10:30 bro.  And that’s assuming nap time and shower time and hair gel time and outfit time doesn’t run late.  No chance I’m getting enough drinks in my system in a half hour to satisfy a ravenous sexual appetite by 11 PM.   You take me to the bedroom at that point and I’m gonna be fully-self conscious, half-hard and bust a nut in 25 seconds. Then the whole rest of the night is ruined. How about you just hold that thought for like 2 hours so I can take you to a dark enough club and buy you enough shots to make you forget my dick is 5 inches hard. Seriously chicks are so needy it’s crazy. They have a window for sex? Meanwhile guys are making the sacrifice and walking around ready to fuck pretty much 24/7/365. And people say chivalry is dead.