(HuffPo) Yes, it’s true: Apple has been granted a patent for the design of the original iPad, which, yes, is a rectangle with round corners. The design, which you can see below, is for the actual shape of the device, so you can ignore the actual screen on the tablet: What has been patented is at the edges, the “ornamental design” of the device.

God I love Apple. Just kicking ass and taking names everywhere. Doesn’t matter if it’s in the technological or the geometrical world, they’re coming for that ass. It’s a page right out of Bobby Valentine and Al Gore’s book. Just say you invented something obscure. Makes you look wicked cool. Ladies love entrepreneurs. There’s literally no downside. The burden of proof is on the prosecution, don’t have to prove shit. I invented #nofilter. Bobby V invented the wrap. Al Gore invented the internet and Apple invented the rounded rectangle. I dare someone to prove them wrong.

And for those wondering, yes I probably should throw a patent on #nofilter since I invented that. It’s getting pretty popular I think.