Arlington - Even school administrators didn’t let the air out of the Arlington High School senior prank Friday. At least not right away. Students from the Class of 2012 used 3,300 balloons to fill an entire staircase at the school Friday, and posted a sign saying “No entry, wild balloon habitat,” according to an email bulletin from Arlington High School Principal Mary Villano Monday… When school administrators found the balloon-blocked doors Friday morning, they left the display for an hour so other students and staff could see, Villano said in her newsletter. “It was quite a spectacle and started the day off with lots of laughs and excitement,” said Villano. Villano said administrators at the school enjoyed the prank because it was done in good taste and did not have any negative impact on the school day. After an hour, the balloons were popped to clear the stairway for safety purposes, according to the principal’s newsletter. “I congratulate our senior pranksters who put careful thought into doing something fun that did no harm and did not disrupt the school day,” Villano said.

Fail.  In the words of Clark Griswold’s mother-in-law, I hope you kids see what a tremendous waste of resources this was.  The first rule of school pranks is that if they don’t chap the ass of the administration… get them all hacked off, launch investigations, call emergency assemblies and threaten disciplinary actions…  then there’s no point in doing it.  If they actually enjoy it, take pictures and leave it up for others to see, then it’s not a prank at all.  It’s barely a shenanigan.  And more a stunt.  It’s like listening to music your parents like; what’s the point?  The balloon stunt should only be pulled on someone who reacts like Ryan in one of Barstool’s all time favorite videos. Look at him being serious! Now this is the guy you pull the balloon prank on: