DM – A college student has been arrested after he was accused of throwing a bottle of vodka into a bonfire, which then exploded and caught two of the partygoers on fire. Andrew Kent, a 21-year-old Arizona State University junior, allegedly threw a bottle of vodka into a bonfire at a party where multiple members of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity were in attendance. The burning liquid splashed onto a 17-year-old girl from California and an 18-year-old ASU student, badly burning their legs and shoulders. The Arizona Republic reports that the 17-year-old girl was visiting the campus for a college recruitment event and was invited to the off-campus house party on Saturday night. According to witnesses, the party attracted hundreds of students, and people were standing shoulder-to-shoulder. Authorities said that while the girls managed to extinguish the flames, they believe that the girls were sent home from the party so those hosting it would not get in trouble. The 17-year-old suffered burns on her thighs, and was treated at a nearby hospital for severe burns.


This kid’s game sucks huh? Hey dude everyone wants to be the life of the party but making vodka fireballs and engulfing chicks in flames is gonna get you laid 0% of the time. Girls hate getting their legs burned off I’ve heard. Something about the pain and loss of skin just doesn’t get them wet. Real big turn off. Not just for the ones who had to stop, drop and roll. But for pretty much all the girls there too. You singe one chick and that news spreads quickly. You know how females like to gossip. Plus what are you doing wasting a perfectly good bottle of vodka? That’s amateur hour stuff. Throw the chasers in there if you need to watch a bottle burn. Don’t sacrifice the alcohol.

Man, this kid seriously needs a refresher on how to do college. Wasting booze and lighting broads on fire = F- frat work.