TMZ – Lindsay Lohan made a hysterical plea for help to her father, as she claimed she was being kidnapped by Dina Lohan, screaming, “Dad, she’s on cocaine.  She’s like touching her neck, and s**t” … and TMZ has obtained audio of the conversation.We broke the story … Lindsay and Dina got into a ballistic argument after leaving a NYC club at 4 AM.  The two were in a limo which was going to Dina’s Long Island house.


See this is why I respect the hell out of the Lohans.  It’s not an act like the Kardashians.  They are 100% certified lunatics.   Like if you don’t respect this brand of insanity than you have a big dump in your pants.    Oh and if you’re wondering how TMZ got their hands on this call?   Duh.  Michael Lohan sold it to them.   Fucking awesome.    The circle of life indeed.

PS – How obsessed was Michael Lohan with this kidnapping theory?   Who are you with Lindsay?   Oh you’re in a limo?  The driver is kidnapping you.   Oh you’re with you’re mother?  She is kidnapping you.