First of all I have no idea how we lost that game.  Like no fucking clue.    Like you can’t dominate a game more than we did and lose.    And yes it was a horrible use of the 2 timeouts on offense before we went for it on 4th down.     But let me just say this loud and clear.     I LOVE the decision to go for it.  LOVE IT…LOVE IT….LOVE IT.     Anybody who critcizes that move is just a fool.    If we punt that ball Peyton Manning takes it right down the field and scores.  Doesn’t matter whether he has to go 60 yards or 30 yards.  Our defense was gassed.   We had ZERO chance of stopping them.   So the right move was to try to end it with our best players on the field.  And guess what?  It was a horseshit call by the refs.    Sure Faulk juggled the ball but he juggled it for a nanosecond and then caught it.  The spot was full yard and a half off.     But that’s neither here nor there.  The point is Belichick made the right decision.    I go for it 100 out of 100 times there.    Just look back to the AFC Championship game when we blew that huge lead.  What happened then?  We punted it and it took them 3 seconds to go the length of the  field and score.     Bottomline is that our offense is our moneymaker.    Let Tom Brady and company win it or lose it and that’s exactly what Belichick did.  The only thing that sucked was the timeouts because we should have been in a position to get the ball back after the score and get a game winning field goal.   But the call to go for it on 4th was absolutly the right call.  I literally can’t say that enough.     It took balls of steel to make that decision and that’s why Belichick is the best coach in the league.

PS - We’re still a team to be reckoned with in the playoffs.