AL.comWhile the coaches and players for Alabama and Notre Dame have maintained a respectful tone in the buildup to the BCS National Championship Game, fans of the two sides have engaged in plenty of trash-talk. On Monday, former Fighting Irish quarterback Jimmy Clausen joined in. Clausen, a backup quarterback for the Carolina Panthers, tweeted a photo of a t-shirt he received from a fan that declares the January 7th matchup to be “Catholics vs. Cousins”. After receiving a number of angry tweets from Crimson Tide fans, Clausen deleted the tweet

Wow, when did people from Alabama get so sensitive?  You’d think generations of in-breeding and moonshine consumption would give them a sense of humor about themselves.  But I guess self-deprecation is not their jam.  I have to admit while I love the idea of this t-shirt, it’s not a total home run with me.  Notre Dame football has a proud tradition of pissing off the reprobate fanbases of their opponents.  And while this is good, it’s not “Catholics vs Convicts” or the Jimmy Johnson “Pork Face Satan” t-shirts they made to get under Miami’s skin in the 80s.  And it’s not quite up there with calling BC “Fredo,” which never fails to rile up the SuperFans.  So while I think this is good, it’s not great.  It could stand to lose the Bear Bryant hat and the cartoon hillbilly and replace them with something more eye-catching.  Like two cousins actually boning each other or maybe the creepy extra-chromosome kid from “Deliverance.“  You know, something to really get people’s attention.  So this is an A for Inspiration, C for Execution.

Look, I’m not a Domer.  I’m just a Fighting Irish fan.  Nor am I in the Notre Dame t-shirt business.  But if I was, I’d go with this design:


“Ned Beatty in South Bend: ‘This is the most beautiful sight these eyes have ever seen.


“Ned Beatty in the South: ‘Weeeee!!! Weeeee!!!’

You’re welcome.  Send the royalty check to @JerryThornton1