Introducing Erin from Emerson via Haverhill.   I got to be honest.  I have no fucking clue what is going on in Haverhill.  I always thought Haverhill was kind of a dump.   But I swear they’ve had a run of smokeshows that are just about the hottest smokes we’ve ever had including Erin.  It’s wild.  I think I greatly underestimated that place or something.  Had no idea they had this type of talent.

And yes Barstool Foam is 1 week away from coming back to Boston.   We got shows Wednesday and Thursday of next week.   My guess is both will be sold out probably by the end of the weekend judging how ticket sales are going.  So if you don’t want to pay triple by now.  And yes all smokes party for free.  Just email or facebook us if you need to claim your tix.


Barstool Blackout Tour – DCU Center Worcester from Barstool Blackout Tour on Vimeo.


BOSTON – Oct 10th

BOSTON – Oct 11th


10/5 – Ohio State

10/6 – PITT

10/18 – Albany FOAM

10/20 – Hartford FOAM

10/25 – Trenton FOAM

10/26 – Marist FOAM

10/27 – Rochester FOAM

11/3 – Raleigh (Fckin Foam)

11/15 – Coastal Carolina (Fckin Foam)