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Introducing Molly from Umass Lowell.   Right up my alley with the brunette smoke.   And once again Molly is presented with a choice.   Does she go to Springfield or Worcester Foam.   Or both?  She now gets free tickets to whatever she wants.

Do you know any smokes who need to get Foamed for free? Send nominations to tips@barstoolsports.com



Providence FOAM – Feb 6th (Tickets on Sale NOW)

Toads BLACKOUT – Feb 7th (Tickets on Sale NOW)

Springfield FOAM – Feb 8th (Tickets on Sale Now)

Philly FOAM – Feb 9th (Tickets on Sale Now)

ESU FOAM – Feb 15th (Tickets on Sale Now)

Baltimore FOAM – Feb 16th (Tickets on sale NOW)

Worcester FOAM – Feb 22nd (Tickets on Sale NOW)  EARLY BIRD SPECIAL.   1ST 1000 TICKETS ARE 35 BUCKS