KentuckyA former Bengals cheerleader left court today hand-in-hand with the student she admitted to having a sexual relationship with after avoiding jail. Sarah Jones, 27, pleaded guilty to having sex with the 17-year-old student at a Kentucky school where she was a teacher. She also admitted to sexual misconduct and custodial interference. In a tearful admission, Jones told the court today: ‘I began a romantic relationship while he was a student and I was in a position of authority.’ …Prosecutors said they made the deal because the teenager, now 18, and his family were uncooperative with them and sided with his former teacher. Part of the reason defense attorney Eric Deters said Jones was willing to plead guilty was because the judge had denied his request to keep the text messages that she sent to the teen out of the trial. ‘They’re embarrassing,’ Deters told reporters after the hearing. ‘They were steamy.’

I know this story’s been all over the place the last 24 hours but I apologize for nothing.  Because Barstool takes a back seat to no one when it comes to covering Sarah Jones’ sexual escapades.  Whether it was Dave calling bullshit on her lawsuit against The Dirty for calling her a slut and saying she had STDs or me grading her Sex Teacher Scandal and giving her a solid B, we’ve been consistently ahead of the pack on this little minx.  The only reason I bring her up at all now is out of pure respect.  As the world’s leading authority on crazy-horny teachers throwing their careers away to bone their underage students, I’d be derelict in my duty if I didn’t acknowledge Sarah’s power move here.  After months of playing the victim and protesting her innocence, holding hands with the kid on the way out of the courtroom is about as badass a move as the SST game has seen in a while.  And having your lawyer admit you were swapping “steamy” texts with the kid the whole time you were acting like your as pure as the Virgin Mother?  That’s got to be the baddest ass move since Mary Kay Letourneau got out of jail and jumped right back in the sack with her babby daddy.

So like I always say, in grading SSTs, extra credit is always available.  Looks like Miss Jones wanted to take me up on it because she just moved a B to an A.  Congratulations, Sarah.  And now that you’re a convicted criminal I’m sure the Bengals will welcome you back. @JerryThornton1