I don’t know what fight Maurice was watching when he taped this but there is no way the White Bitches were winning this fight at any point and time. At best it was a draw. I mean the black chick on the ground had the white chick in the crossface chicken wing for like 10 minutes. I guess it all depends who was the legal man in the ring though? Either way I’ve never been so disgusted and so entertained all at once before. Like I literally laughed and puked at the same exact moment when the white chicks ass was jiggling all over the place at the 1 minute mark. Just so delightfully disgusting. An absolute action packed thriller that seemed to unfold in slow motion and kept me entertained from beginning to end.  About a billion times better than anything basketball related that happened over All Star weekend.  Bravo ladies…bravo.

PS – Love the guy who slaps the chicks ass. Hilarious.  These guys just murdered the commentary.  “Damn! The White Chick is Relentless”