AustraliaA FORMER employee of a Perth massage business has been fined $1500 after admitting to misleading jobseekers by failing to reveal they would be mostly naked and massage naked men. The ex-worker, who was employed by Bikini Girls Massage… disguised the true nature of the work, which involved female staff wearing bikinis while massaging naked or mostly naked men. … The commissioner’s lawyer described the recruitment practices as predatory and asked the court to send a signal to employers that difficult economic times were not an invitation to mislead and exploit young job seekers.

I believe a round of applause is in order for the Austrailian criminal justice system.  Thank God someone is looking out for the best interests of exploited young job seekers.   I mean, imagine the horror these girls must have gone through, showing up for their first day of work at Bikini Girls Massage and finding out that they were expected to give massages.  While wearing bikinis.  I’m sure all those new hires who took the job expecting to prepare tax returns, conduct jury trials or perform laser eye surgery are traumatized for life over this.  And what’s all this about the clients being mostly naked?  Don’t most guys prefer to get a massage while wearing insulated Carhartt coveralls?  Shame on you, Bikini Girls Massage.  Serves you right for exploiting these poor girls with your false advertising.