USA Today – Former president Bill Clinton can add Father of the Year to the many awards he’s garnered in his decades of public service. The National Father’s Day Council, which has been giving out such an honor for 72 years, has named Clinton one of its recipients for 2013. ”With the profound generosity, leadership and tireless dedication to both his public office and many philanthropic organizations, President Clinton exemplifies the attributes that we celebrate through the Father of the Year award,” said Dan Orwig, chairman of the National Father’s Day Committee. The 42nd president is being honored for his work through the William J. Clinton Foundation “to improve global health, promote healthier childhoods and protect the environment” and for bringing “global leaders together to work on the most pressing issues,” according to the committee’s statement. Clinton and his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, have always doted on their daughter, Chelsea, who turns 33 next month. When Chelsea Clinton was getting ready for her 2010 wedding, her dad said walking her down the aisle was “the most important job I’ll ever have.” The not-for-profit group awards Father of the Year to “contemporary lifestyle leaders of our culture” and raises money for its philanthropic efforts. 


This should be great news to any fathers out there. Old Slick Willy getting named Father of the Year is a win for dads all across the country. The man went through one of the most historic blowjob trials in the history of civilization and yet he managed to come out the other side with a father of the year trophy in his hand. Every person on the planet knows that he cheated on his gross wife with a slightly less gross chick, and this award basically validates the fact that you can still be a good dad while getting beaners on the down low. You can shoot adulterous loads all over your office, have billions of people find out, and still have a shot at the #1 dad title. All politics aside, you fellas with kids should be thanking Bill. You have the best excuse in the game next time wifey finds out you were at the strip club or balls deep in some younger snatch. “Listen hunny, the President of the United States cheated on his wife and he still won father of the year. And he’s the President!” Now that’s a flawless argument that no woman can rebuttal.

Bill Clinton – publicly disgracing his family with fat chicks and winning awards for it. Play on playa.