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El Pres

I am the rare New Englander whose sports allegiances began with the Bruins, well before the Sox, Pats, or Celts got their shit together. My mother even let my brother and I stay home from school to watch us get drummed by the Oilers during the Cup. I digress. My theory is that the B’s are amidst a curse of their own that has yet to be analyzed. The curse of Andy Moog. There have been many goaltenders who have played for the Bruins since we traded Moog away, but none of them have been any good for more than one season. Blaine Lacher, Bill Ranford, Jim Carey, John Blue, John Casey, Tim Thomas (we’ll see), among others. Thoughts? Here, a video that 1/12th of New England will lose their shit over, the other will just say “Bob Beers! Was that really that guys name?”

Love the site,
Providence, RI


I was more of a Pete Peters guy myself but this still may be the greatest video we’ve ever posted on the Stool. Rear Admiral must be like jerking off in a towel right now.