Boston.com - It turns out, contrary to reports that came out on Saturday, the Bruins never actually “Bieber-proofed” their locker room before the pop star’s show this weekend. The story grew on Saturday after Barstool Sports posted a photo of the Bruins logo roped off in the locker room. The post was then picked up by a few national outlets, including Larry Brown Sports and ESPN, and took off from there. Here’s the problem, though: that picture is from November 2012. A reverse image search of the photo takes you back to the flickr account of the user “cerebusfangirl” and a gallery titled “Boston Bruins locker room tour Nov 2012.” It is unclear why Barstool published this image in relation to the Justin Bieber concert.

I go away for 1 fucking second and what happens? Feitleberg starts posting fake pictures that go viral all over the Internet. Hey assholes anybody can fool Feitleberg. You want a cookie or something for that? Somebody emailed him the photo.  He fell for it.  That don’t count for shit.  Try pulling that shit when Pageviews is around and see what happens. Internet suicide.  The only thing this story proves is that 97% of the viral shit that happens on the Internet starts with us. The only difference here is we got credit for it this time because The Globe will only mention us by name when they want to spank us.

But let me ask you this Boston.com? What’s worse? Feitleberg getting tricked and posting a photoshopped picture or Boston.com trying to act like they broke this story and did all this research themselves? Hey assholes the Sporting News figured this out yesterday. They already posted the picture that you claim you did all this reverse research mumbo jumbo on yesterday.  Here it is from there website.  Again this was from yesterday.




Come on guys.  You didn’t have to lie about it to make yourself look cool.  Feitleberg fucked up.  That’s what he does.  He’s Feitleberg.  But it was an honest mistake.  You took somebody else’s work and passed it off as your own. Now that’s a story. And yes I guarantee you if this photo turns out to be real after all they’d go back and blame Sporting News for the erroneous reporting. Pageviews FTW!