Boston – Boston’s Splash Ultra Lounge was forced to close and cited for overcrowding and serving alcohol to minors after an inspection sparked by a father’s complaint that his daughter had run up a $2,800 credit card bill there during a bash where underage Boston University students were being served. Boston police inspected the Kneeland Street club Saturday after receiving the complaint from the father, who told them that his daughter had attended a recent Saturday afternoon event there in which nightclub staff allegedly offered unlimited bottle service to the underage students. The man said his daughter had racked up the hefty bill at the “Saturday Afternoon Recess Party,” which the club holds on Saturdays from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., police said.


Holy shit!   Underage BU kids drink at Splash!   NO FUCKING WAY!   I don’t believe it!   Seriously the police needed a tip for that?  Really?   But that’s neither here nor there.   More importantly this is such a dick move by this NARC dad.   Hey asshole don’t worry about the club.   Worry about your daughter.   Nobody put a gun to her head to make her go there.  Nobody made her use a fake ID.   Nobody told her to get shitfaced.   You want to yell at somebody yell at her.  Stop pointing the finger at everybody else and teach her to take responsibility. Because newsflash if you get Splash shut down I can name like 10 other places all owned by the same guy that she can go to instead.   So instead of blaming the club why don’t you make her pay the bill herself which you know this rich BU daddy didn’t do.  Not to mention the fact you ever think that if maybe she wasn’t so ugly she wouldn’t have racked up a $2,000 dollar bill?  No way a hot girl is getting charged that much at Splash.  No way.

PS – As much as House of Blues is a pain in the ass to get into at our Blackout Shows this is why.  This is what people sometimes forget.    Menino hates us.  The ABCC hates us.   They can just show up at anytime and start asking people for ID’s.   If they find one underage person in our show the HOB gets held responsible.   All it takes is one NARC dad like this guy to place a phonecall.   So even though it sucks I get it why they do it and why people have to deal with it.    For the life of me though I don’t know why people would ever use a fake at our shows.  It’s fucking 18+.    Just get in and rage your face off.