So everybody remembers Hedo Rick right?  The ripping and the tearing guy.   We introduced the world to this animal a couple years ago and after we posted the video he went viral like a motherfucker and rightfully so. An absolute shoe in for Top 20 video of the decade.   Well a reader just sent in this clip of him going absolutely ham at some lap dance contest at Hedonism.  Just crushing it.  Like I don’t want to exaggerate but I think Hedo Rick may be the most entertaining guy on the Internet.   No joke.  This is the first time I wish Jenna still worked for me.  I’d sent her ass down to Hedonism to grind all over this dude and get fucked by him so fast it would make your head spin.  Now that would be some priceless shit.  Instead it looks like Sales Guy will have to suffice.

PS – The thing you got to love about Hedo Rick is he’s the only white guy who consistently demolishes black people at shit like this.   Black people always acting like they are at a dunk contest with Hedo Rick.    Just wilding out and shit.   He’s the great white hope in a way….

Bonus Hedo Rick footage