First of all, the amount of people I haven’t spoken to in 7+ years that decided to contact me yesterday was unreal. If we didn’t speak in high school, there was probably a reason. What would we “catch up” about? I never knew anything about you in the first place so there is absolutely nothing you could update me on. No thanks bro.

Anyways, I met with Pres once before I went into the office yesterday. That time, he basically said everyone says they can handle being on the blog until they actually are, and then they quit. I was pretty positive I could handle it, so I just said I didn’t care. Then yesterday he told me the same thing but wasn’t really convinced…that’s where that post came in. To be honest, I was expecting it to be a lot worse. I thought 99% of the comments were hilarious, and my mom has even warmed up to them. I went and got a ticket appealed and dismissed this morning – I told her I won and she texted me back “The guy probably reads barstool.” You’re a gem, mother.

I do have to say I was pretty unimpressed with the stalking skills. Took like an hour for my facebook link to go up. Get your shit together, real stalkers would have had that up in seconds. But if you’re going to add me, don’t chat me with the whole “hey you came up on my ‘people you may know’ thing…” – we have zero mutual friends, that’s false and we both know it…

PS – I would have written this sooner but I just freed my wrists from being tied up in the Sales Guys office.