NOTE: This is NOT the video with the pictures of Brett Favre’s johnson.  If you want to see the Little Gunslinger for yourself, Deadspin has a bunch of pictures of it in a video you can find here.  NSFW probably, depending on where you work.

So I guess this sort of semi-confirms what Jenn Sterger has been telling Deadspin is true.  That the Old Mississippi Riverboat Gambler is not just a quarterback… or as Jon Gruden likes to remind us,not even just a Football Player… but he’s also a World Class Pathetic Failure at picking up chicks.  I mean, you’re Brett Goddamned Favre.  The idol of millions.  Super Bowl MVP (once).  SI cover boy 175 times.  In the Top 5 of NFL jersey sales every year for the past two decades.  The subject of 8 consecutive annual “Farewell to Brett Favre” retirement specials on ESPN.  And you’re reduced to sending a mediocre commodity with a $500 Tijuana boob job like Jenn Sterger pictures of your flaccid dick?   Or sending low level Jets staffers to wingman for you?  Again from Deadspin:

According to documents we’ve obtained, Jenn Sterger was contacted by Brett Favre — or by someone she was led to believe was Brett Favre — through an intermediary: Jets media relations manager Jared Winley.  We have MySpace messages, voicemails, and — yes — those photos, all apparently sent by Favre to Sterger, who at the time was working as the Jets’ in-house sideline reporter.

That’s just beyond pathetic.  When you’re a true champion, you don’t have to send toadies around to do your bidding.  You don’t have to call and plead with her to meet you or even speak.  You just tug on your facemask and signal to multimillionaire superstar models that you’re ready punch it in the endzone.  That’s how winners roll.

Of course this still isn’t 100% irrefutable proof.  It could be that El Pres (who’s out this afternoon making dreams come true) was right when he said Jenn Sterger is a publicity whore who “would let Brett Favre fucking cum in her eyeball if he wanted to.” So I guess the only way to know for sure that it’s true is to compare the dick pictures with the BrettFavre’s actual schlong like in the Michael Jackson trial.  But since BrettFavre will never go along with that, maybe we can just ask John Madden.