Daily Caller – Students at Brown University who decide they want to change genders will now be covered under the school’s generous student health insurance plan. Beginning in August, Brown’s student health insurance plan will pay for more than a dozen different sexual reassignment surgery procedures, including scrotoplasty, labiaplasty, clitoroplasty and placement of testicular prostheses, reports The Brown Daily Herald. The plan as currently configured will cover only students, not staff. “We identified this as an important benefit for students to have access to,” Director of Insurance and Purchasing Services Jeanne Hebert wrote in an email to the school’s student newspaper. She added that the new health care benefit is part of a broader effort “to support all students” at Brown. The total cost for a single sexual reassignment surgery, including hormone therapy and various other physical alterations, can be as much as $50,000.


Ivy League doing it big! And who says college is overpriced these days? If it includes a free scrotoplasty then I think it’s well worth the tuition cost. These students need cocks and vaginas and what kind of world would we live in if they had to pay for those things themselves? In a perfect life any organization you join would pay for you to have balls installed. Looks like we’re on our way. Once again, academia is way ahead of the curve.

Seriously though, are there really more than a dozen students waiting for this shit? Aren’t there only like 2,000 students there? That seems like a high percentage of gender-benders in one school. Looks like Brown’s admissions department is gonna have a huge influx of applicants who could be either “sir” or “m’am.” What do they check under the gender question? Male…for now.