LONDONDERRY, N.H.Londonderry police said a family from Quincy, Mass., was arrested on suspicion of stealing a trunk-load of apples from Mack’s Apples. Authorities said the mother, 58-year-old Hang Wong, bought a large U-Pick bag from the farm stand, then stood near the family’s Toyota Camry as her two sons, 27-year-old Wai Wong and 19-year-old Steven Wong, loaded up the trunk with apples.An attendant at the farm noticed the mother standing near the trunk and alerted police.Police said when they arrived, they found two sons going into the orchard, loading up the bag and dumping them into the trunk as their mother and father, 57-year-old Tony Wong, watched.Authorities arrested all four people and charged them with theft by deception.

The fucking Wongs huh? Thought they were above the apple picking law. Thought they were untouchable.  Like some sort of super apple picking crime syndicate or something. Just the pure arrogance to try and rob an apple orchard in broad daylight. Like if you want apples that bad why wouldn’t you show up at night? Seems like apple picking crime 101 right? The Wongs got lazy pure and simple and paid the price in spades.  And Tony Wong knows it.  Look at that hangdog expression.  If that’s not the face of a guy who just got busted loading up the Toyota Camry with Macintosh’s I don’t know what is.

PS – What were the Wongs planning on doing with all the apples? Flipping them on the black market at Haymarket? Had to be right? Like First Lady and I go apple picking every year and we eat 6% of the apples we pick. It’s more for looks than anything else. I can’t even imagine how we’d unload a trunk full of apples.