ESPN – Butler’s live bulldog mascot has been banned from the premises at the Southeast Regional, because tourney administrators say there is not sufficient room for live-animal mascots. Seeing the pooch walk up the steps at Hinkle Fieldhouse with a giant bone in his mouth is one of the better sights in college hoops, and March is not the same without him.

I don’t even know what this means. A building that holds 50,000 people doesn’t have room for a dog? Huh? Hey man tell me you don’t like my firm. Tell me you don’t like my idea. Tell me you don’t like my fuckin’ necktie. But don’t tell me you can’t find room for Blue II. Seriously this is dogshit. (no pun intended but intended) Like way to take the fucking fun out of college basketball. Mascots are as much a part of college sports as the players. I’d love to meet whoever made this decision. He must be the most self-righteous douchebag on the planet. There is literally no rational explanation for this. None. I swear to god the people who run college sports won’t be happy until they totally and completely ruin it.