SAN DIEGO— A 70-year-old driver escaped injury Wednesday after crashing into a medical building near Sharp Memorial Hospital, leaving his car suspended over a stairwell. Witness Jody Taylor said she had just come out of one building and saw the man stopped at the parking lot entry gate.“He was revving the engine like he couldn’t get control of it,” Taylor said. As she was looking at the car, she tripped and seconds later it came barrelling past her, It was about ten feet away. Taylor said that if she had not tripped she would’ve been right in the car’s path. Luque said the driver went through the lowered gate arm. The car zoomed into the parking lot, jumped a curb and hit the building. Luque said he had to be traveling very fast for it to have ended up across the divide rather than going nose first into it. “He was in midair,” Taylor said. “What was scary was he was trying to get out of the car.”


This picture made me laugh. It’s the combination of a car suspended over a stairwell and the “I dunno what’s going on” look on the old Asian’s face. Dude has no idea where he is. Was just out for a nice drive down to the acupuncturist or wherever it is Asian’s drive and next thing you know, bam. Parked on some stairs. Tokyo drifted right into those motherfuckers. And not to get too political or anything, but how much money would local governments save if they didn’t have to rescue Asians, the elderly, and women from car crashes every 15 seconds? They’re the deadly trifecta of the road.

PS – There’s a very good chance that someone was really pissed off when their Chinese delivery never showed up.