I’m so sick of Columbus Day.   Every fucking year I got to give this rant.   First it was Sales guy.  The year after that it was Manzo.  Then Feitleberg.   This year I can hear the whispers in the office.   Everybody moaning and groaning that they had to work today.  Cut the shit bro. Only two groups of people get Columbus Day off in America and that’s State employees who take every day off and school children.  Seriously is there a more telling sign of somebody who lives in fake life than a guy who complains about having to work on Columbus Day? Like if I was giving advice to some other business owner I’d tell them to fire any employee who thinks they get Columbus Day off because that means they don’t get adult life yet.  What’s next? Flag Day? President’s Day? Secretary’s Day?   Fucking grow up and be a man.  You’re lucky I don’t make you work Saturdays.