So yesterday Tom Brady took the internet by storm with his waterslide antics. That was all fun and games and we got a good laugh out of it. But today we find out he shaves his armpits. Yikes. This is a gross violation of man code in my book. Shave your pubes yes. Your armpit or chest hair never. Like maybe I could understand if this was me fucking Gisele and she told me the only way I get pussy is if I’m clean shaven. Then maybe I can understand it. But this is Tom Brady we’re talking about. Dude doesn’t have to shower or shave for a month and every chick in Boston would still let him take a dump on their face. So what gives? I know I nothing he does should surprise me anymore, but this did. I just don’t know how you win a superbowl with a guy who shaves his armpits. I know that sounds simple and dumb but I’m also pretty sure it’s true.