– A Taber farmer who smashed a suspected burglar in the face with a hatchet is facing assault charges.   On May 29, a couple arrived at their home northwest of Taber to discover an unfamiliar vehicle parked in the driveway. The 46-year-old homeowner parked behind the vehicle, trapping it, while he fetched a hatchet, RCMP said.  The man searched the house and found no one inside but soon encountered a man in his 20s trying to escape in the blocked car. Police said the homeowner struck the man twice with the blunt end of a hatchet, smashing his teeth and face.  Now, five months later, police have charged the homeowner with assault with a weapon and assault causing bodily harm.  ”Under the Criminal Code, people can use degrees of force when protecting property or a person, but there are limitations, especially if the courts determine it to be excessive force,” said Sgt. Patrick Webb.

And the pussification of America continues.    I’ve absolutely never understood this logic.    I feel like if a guy breaks into your house you should be able to do whatever the fuck you want to do to him.   Shoot him.   Punch him.   Hit him with a hatchet.   Claw out his eyeballs and eat them.  Tie him up in your basement like the gimp in Pulp Fiction and rape him.   Like whatever you want to do you can do.   Criminals don’t like it?    Don’t break into other people’s houses.   Seems pretty simple to me.     I swear to god one of these days I’m going to run for the President of North America and just clean this shit up.