Source – The man who claims to protect women under the moniker “Captain Save a Ho” has been arrested again, this time for allegedly pushing a one-legged man of his scooter. Thirty-six-year-old Jerald Thomas Navarre, of North Liberty, is accused of pushing a disabled man off his wheeled mobility device at about 11:30 p.m. Wednesday on Dubuque Street near the Sheraton, according to an Iowa City Police complaint. Police say the victim fell to the street, receiving cuts and scrapes on his left elbow and the stump of his left leg. According to the complaint, Navarre then stood over the victim, grabbed his face and was “disrespectful.” Police say Navarre was extremely hostile to the victim and witnesses, yelling and screaming toward them as he was being arrested. Navarre has been charged with a serious misdemeanor count for assault causing bodily injury. Police arrested Navarre for public intoxication in 2011 on the pedestrian mall after receiving multiple reports of him harassing people. He allegedly told officers he was needed to “protect women” and goes by the nickname “Captain Save a Ho.”


So I just did a quick Google search and found out that KMarko blogged about Captain Save A Ho like two years ago. That’s right, dude has been saving hoes for a hot minute. Back then he was wasted at the mall, and now this time he beat up some one legged bro on a scooter. Listen I don’t know what this handicapped guy was doing, but if you’re being targeted by Captain Save A Ho then you’ve obviously done fucked up and disrespected some women. If there’s one thing I know about vigilantes it’s that they don’t waste their time with petty shit. You don’t see Batman hunting down shoplifters do you? Of course not. Superheroes are after the big fish. The masterminds. That’s why I can only assume that this crippled guy was some kind of sick pervert who scooted around assaulting women and promoting anarchy. I’m sure The Captain wouldn’t have wasted his vigilante powers on him otherwise.