Dailymail – Caroline Wozniacki has been accused of doing a ‘racist’ impersonation of fellow tennis player Serena Williams after stuffing her bra and shorts. At a recent exhibition against Maria Sharapova in Brazil, the former world No. 1 stuffed courtside towels down her kit to replicate the body of the curvaceous Grand Slam champion. But now the 22-year-old Dane, whose boyfriend golfer Rory McIlroy was in the crowd, has now been accused of racism by some observers. On feministing.com, an article read: ‘Given the history and current-day context of racialized standards of beauty, and the hypersexualization of people of color, when a white woman makes fun of a black women’s body, especially in a way that hypersexualizes her and draws on the stereotype of black women’s big butts, it’s racist.’ The joke was not lost on her friend Williams, also in Brazil to promote the 2016 Games, who tweeted: ‘Do they make Brazilian bikinis for, um, well, me?’.Wozniacki mentioned during a press conference after the game that she was performing an impression of her friend and fellow tennis player Serena Williams.

Love it. Feminists just doing the damn thing per usual. Seriously this story sums up ugly hairy disgusting feminists perfectly. Wozniacki and Serena Williams are fucking friends. Serena Williams knows she has a HUGE ass. She makes fun of it all the time. She thought this was funny. But is that good enough for feminists? Nope. They got to butt in (no pun intended but intended) and protect everybody from themselves. See that’s the twisted irony of the feminist movement. They rant and rave about empowering women, but 99% of what they do is treat other women like brain dead morons incapable of making decisions for themselves. That only feminists know what is appropriate for women to do and say.  That you can’t even crack jokes about people you are friends with.   That only feminists know how women should dress and act. They constantly treat other women like 2 year olds. It’s insanity. Hey newsflash you morons. Just because you’re ugly and gross and hate life doesn’t give you the right to try and make everybody as miserable as you are. It’s not the rest of the populations fault you are a loser.