TMZNick Lachey — a HUGE Cincinnati Bengals fan — was escorted out of the stands at the San Diego Chargers football game this weekend … after security decided his TRASH TALK crossed the line. It’s unclear exactly what Nick said to piss off stadium security … but after he was ejected, the former boy-bander actually BRAGGED about getting the boot, tweeting: “Just got kicked out of the chargers stadium and couldn’t be prouder! Go Cincy Bengals” A short time later, AFTER Cincy defeated the crappy Chargers, Lachey tweeted again: “Bengals win again. i’d talk trash to everyone in SD, but what’s the point? you already had me kicked out of the stadium and you still lost.”

Believe it or not sometimes I get accused of being a guy who does nothing but be a honk for the Patriots and obsessively tool on the Jets.  But that’s not only unfair, it’s entirely untrue.  I honk for the Patriots, obsessively tool on the Jets AND tool on other teams as well.  Take for example, the San Diego.  I was belittling the Chargers back when no one else was.  When the whole world was fawning over Ladanian Tomlinson and buying into Shawne Merriman’s “Lights Out” horseshit, I was practically inventing the art of ripping the most underachieving sports franchise of our lifetime.  And I stuck with it through Norved up season after Norved up season.  But this?  Getting kicked in the nuts by Nick Lachey?  This is a new low, even for this team and this fanbase.  Gillette might not be the toughest stadium in the world, but if a Nick Lachey tried starting something there, the only traces they would’ve found of him would be in guys’ stool samples Monday morning.  I mean I could see Charger fans backing down if this was Timberlake or Jordan Knight.  Even Niall from “One Direction” because those guys are badass.  But a 98 Degrees guy?  There’s no coming back from that.