YoutubeThis is one of my first times trying one armed push ups so forgive me if the form is off, lol. I haven’t done a standard push up in as long as I can remember. My quad actually isn’t touching the ground, it might look that way b/c of the loose shorts. Also, sorry for the little pause between push ups 3 and 4, I messed up a part of the solve. This vid combines my 2 main hobbies.


Just when I thought it was safe to declare the guy who ran the marathon with a suit on the hardo of the day I see this motherfucker on Barstool Philly.   Bro doing one handed push ups while solving a rubik’s cube at the same time.   Yeah I’m sure “this was one of your first times trying one armed push ups” you fucking liar.   And I don’t know who he thinks he’s kidding with this Rubik’s cube thing either.   Everybody knows you got to jumble it all up for a minute before starting.   Anybody can set it to be 3 moves out and then act like they beat it.     Hardoooo….