DM - The bride wore camouflage — Mossy Oak Break-Up, to be exact. And she was ferried to the altar in the back of a Ford F-250 monster truck. And the altar wasn’t an altar at all — more like a big muddy hole. Two self-described ‘rednecks’ married last weekend at a ‘hichin’ party’ at the Hog Waller Mud Bog in rural Palatka, Florida, amid dozens of roaring trucks and 1,000 cheering spectators.

God love the South. As much as I try to hate them, they keep reeling me back in. I don’t give a fuck if they’re an absolute trainwreck, I love them. Kinda like the drunk uncle who always shows up and ruins some family gathering, but you still hope he comes because he keeps it interesting. Like this is exactly what I expect from the South. When I go to the beach I expect to see people in bathing suits. When I go skiing I expect to see people in ski jackets. And when I show up at the Hog Waller Mud Bog I expect to see a haggard bitch in a camo dress getting married to her brother in the back of an F-250. Don’t even need the “Save the Date.” Just par for the course.

PS – pretty nice of the photographer to crop out the black dude they’re dragging behind that ATV. Makes it a lot more romantic.