Bostonherald – Animal lovers be warned – this report is not for the squeamish. Abel Aguirre, 38, of Chelsea was convicted yesterday of animal cruelty for having sex with his roommate’s rabbit, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office said. He faces up to 2 years in the House of Correction and a $2,500 fine at sentencing today. Aguirre assaulted the rabbit June 1, 2008, district attorney spokesman Jake Wark said. Aguirre’s roommate told investigators she came home and found blood and clumps of rabbit fur on the bathroom floor and a claw belonging to the bunny. In Aguirre’s room, she found a used condom with rabbit fur on it. The rabbit was injured and bleeding. “My jaw hit the floor,” one juror said about the disturbing testimony. The rabbit has died, but not of its injuries, Wark said.

Hey at least he used a condom right? That was considerate. Seriously though how do you rape a bunny? I mean I’ve never really looked at a rabbit in a sexual way before (okay once) but I got to imagine it’s got a tiny vagina. So this dude must have like a pencil dick or something. Either way he only got 2 years for this?  Yeah I know the rabbit was acting all cute and slutty but come on. How much more fucked in the head can you be than this? Do we really want rabbit rapers roaming the street with us? No thanks.   It’s bad enough that Kobe is free.

PS – I’m not buying for a second that this rabbit’s death was unrelated to the rape. You get raped by a human and that shit sticks with you for life.