DM – A tattooist has inked his name across his girlfriend’s face less than 24 hours after they first met. Lesya Toumaniantz from Saransk, Russia, allowed Rouslan Toumaniantz to sign ‘Ruslan’ over her face in giant Gothic script on the day they met The pair – who’d met on an online chat room – say they quickly fell ‘head over heels in love’ and soon after met in Moscow, Russia, where they decided to get married. ’It’s a symbol of our eternal devotion. I’d like him to tattoo every inch of my body,” she said.


OK so obviously this girl is a nutjob. Nothing crazier than face tattoos and to get one of a guy’s name 24 hours after you meet him is one of the most psychotic tattoo-related thing you could ever do. But at the same time, there’s definitely no bigger power move for a guy than having a girl tattoo his name on herself. That’s my goal in life. To get some chick to get a “JMac” tattoo. Doesn’t have to be on the face. Ass or right above the vagina is fine with me. I just don’t think there’s anything that can boost your ego more than that. Permanent placement on a female. So if any girls out there are thinking about getting a tattoo it would really make my day if you chose my name to be forever inked on your skin. You won’t regret it, I promise.

PS – Speaking of tattoos, I found the girl with the worst tattoo in history. Even worse than this face one. For a while my buddy was banging a chick with “Grandpa” tattooed on her lower back, tramp stamp style. It was to commemorate her dead grandfather. Worst tattoo ever right? Fucking a chick doggy style and you gotta shoot your nut onto her grandfather? Totally ruins the mood.