DM – A woman has been charged after she posted a photograph of an undercover police officer on Facebook and announced he was trying to infiltrate a drug ring, police said. Melissa Walthall, 30, put the picture on her profile on October 7, labeled it ‘Undercover Mesquite Narcotics’ and asked – ‘Anyone know this b*****’ She told police in Mesquite, Texas, she had posted the police officer’s photograph after she seen it on a flyer made by her friends who were facing drug charges. She was arrested after police said her actions caused a ‘viable threat to that officer’s safety’. Officers later identified who had made the flyer – 34-year-old George Pickens and his brother Bobby Stedham, 26. Kevin Lawrence, executive director of the Texas Municipal Police Association told ABC:  ‘It’s a very dangerous situation. ’If you’re trying to infiltrate a cartel, a drug ring, a gang, one of the keys is people have to believe you’re not an officer. Anything that hints at tying you to law enforcement is very dangerous.’

Hey all you Mesquite narc officers, if you don’t wanna play the game than don’t step on the field bro. What, criminals can’t defend themselves these days? Can’t do a little narcing on the narcs? You’re like the kid who hacks everyone in a pickup basketball game but then starts crying like a bitch when he gets swatted on his way to the hoop.

I mean it’s pretty obvious here that you’re undercover swag is pathetic. Every junkie, pusher and hustler can spot you from a mile away. They got photos and flyers of you all over town and on the internet. Might as well just walk around in full uniform at this point. Basically the same thing. You tried to match wits with the criminals and you lost big time. And this whole “arrest the people who outsmarted us” routine is just making you look dumber. Pointing fingers and placing the blame on others isn’t gonna help you. What you need is some fresh talent, maybe a new coach, and definitely a completely different offensive scheme. Because when the other team can predict your plays before you run them and stunt with Facebook pics and flyers just stonewalling you at the line, it’s time to make some big fucking changes. So stop crying. This is your fault. Take the loss like men and move on.