Huff – A woman who apparently put a used, bloody tampon in her mouth and a man who posted a video of himself eating ice cream laced with human feces have wed in holy Facebook matrimony. The Daily Dot reports that ‘Tampon Girl,’ as the Internet has dubbed 15-year-old Buffalo resident Giovanna Plowman, recently changed her Facebook relationship status to married to Dino Bruscia, another New York teen who gained online infamy for poop eating. The news comes shortly after Plowman’s tampon video went viral, earning her instant Internet fame and a slew of hate-filled tweets.
There it is. That headline is the most fucked up thing I’ve ever written. I mean I’ve written a lot of fucked up things but nothing has been quite so compact in its absurdity. One sentence that makes you want to puke twenty times. Just horrific on all levels. Sucking period blood. Eating shit. Getting Facebook married. All these things offend me.

But I suppose there’s no couple more perfect for each other than these two. Both famous for taking things that came out of their body and putting them right back in. If it comes out below the waste then these lovebirds are shoving it in their pie holes. Kinda beautiful, really. Although the shit eater Dino Bruscia could also just be doing this to get the other babes on Facebook jealous. Ride this marriage out for a bit then upgrade to some better pussy. Hey who knows, maybe there’s a hotter chick out there who likes chugging used tampons too.

PS – No way I’m posting that video by the way. Go find that sick shit yourself.