BEIJINGA 5-year-old sex tape of an 18-year-old woman allegedly hired by developers to sleep with a city official is causing yet another scandal for China’s ruling Communists in the city formerly led by fallen politician Bo Xilai. The 50-something official, Lei Zhengfu, was fired from his position as district party secretary after the video, an apparent extortion attempt, went viral earlier this month and his jowly, pop-eyed mug became the butt of numerous Internet caricatures. Zhu told The Associated Press that the woman, whose face is not visible in the screen grabs, was hired by a construction company to sleep with Lei in return for construction contracts. The company later tried to use the tape to extort more business from Lei, he said.

Huge day for China on the Stool.  What is this story #3?  Anyway let me state this loud and clear. I absolutely don’t think it should be legal to blackmail a guy who got tricked into sleeping with a smokehow. Like you shouldn’t be able to fire a him, divorce him or even get mad at him. Like what 50 year old wouldn’t bang a smokehow who was specifically hired to seduce him? What fucking chance to you stand there? None. I have no problem with blackmail if it’s fair and square. If somebody gets their hands on a sex tape you made with a mistress then it’s game on. But sending a smokeshow out to deliberately do something like this? So far below the belt it’s not even funny. The only way to stop it is if people just ignore it because they know the victim was 100% helpless.

PS – Not the worst porn sound track I’ve ever heard.