Sun – A brides’s career took a toll on her wedding day when bosses ordered her to man her pay booth just hours before her ceremony. Zhang Yu — a manager at the highway toll centre in Qingdao, Shandong province, eastern China — had planned to take the whole week off for her big day. But bosses cancelled all leave after China’s roads were over-run by millions of motorists trying to get home for this week’s traditional Moon Festival holiday. So Yu donned her wedding gown and managed to make the service in her lunch break when her own wedding parade motorcade came through the toll. She said: “It was a tough week for everyone so I couldn’t let down all the people I work with.”

Whose brilliant idea was it to have a wedding during the traditional Moon Festival holiday? Obviously it was this bride’s idea, right? Because no man would be stupid enough to schedule any big event during the traditional Moon Festival holiday. It’s the fucking Moon Festival for christ’s sake! Of course the tolls are gonna be slammed with tourists all week.

See this is the problem with women. They think they’re the center of the universe and just because it’s their wedding day all of a sudden they’re somehow more important than one of the biggest holidays of the year. Don’t think so honey. Why don’t you get back in the toll booth, we’ll get you hitched real quick on your lunch break and then you can hurry home to the kitchen/bedroom where you belong. Maybe there’ll be a piece of leftover cake if you’re lucky.

PS – Maybe this is why China is beating us. We let chick’s take months off of work to get married and knocked up. China doesn’t even let them take a day. It boils down to simple efficiency.