DM - Beggars at a religious folk festival in southern China have been ordered to stay in purposely built cages, or be removed from the festivities.Organisers gave the beggars an ultimatum saying their presence ruins the experience for visitors at the temple fair in Nanchang, Jiangxi province and if they wished to beg they had to do so from inside small cages.The zoo-like cages are so small adults are unable to stand and although they are free to leave at will, they are immediately banished from the festival area and have to leave the town if they do so.


The blog I posted about a mom getting arrested for letting her kids play outside was so American. This one is so Chinese. They just get it. Freaks belong in cages, simple as that. No need to be all politically correct about it: Hey homeless people, you’re gross and you smell funny and you scare the kids. You’re animals. Get in the fucking cage. Stuff like this makes me long for a little bit of China’s culture in the US. Just like I do with women. Mostly American, but a little dash of Chinese makes it perfect.